NNTC Ensure Cybersecurity of Gulf Businesses with McAfee Solutions


NNTC has expanded their cybersecurity portfolios by adding McAfee products, thus becoming vendor's Silver Partners. Advanced McAfee products help NNTC enable reliable customer data protection, irrespective of its location: cloud, data center, or employee mobile devices. NGN specialists are experienced in implementing MсAfee solutions designed for Internet access security, protection against incoming/outgoing traffic threats, removable media access control, and virtual server and desktop protection.

In addition, NNTC can combine its own and partner expertise in McAfee-based Mobile Data Management (MDM) implementations in order to help customers centralize security policy management on employee mobile devices, secure employee access to main enterprise applications via their own gadgets, control user access to different enterprise information resources depending on user privileges, and ensure confidentiality of data transferred over public channels. All security settings can be centrally managed from an MDM console.

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