NNTC develops and implements application technology solutions for a variety of business tasks.

  • Sales

VR and AR technologies enable salespersons to deliver eye-catching product presentations and vividly demonstrate product benefits to potential buyers. Such a presentation format is ideal for selling real estate or products, whether sophisticated or not, including technology prototypes.

  • Advertising

VR and AR are promising tools which can help increase the potential of any advertising media and attract an audience more effectively.

  • Design

VR and AR technologies improve design efficiency by excluding calculation errors and reducing costs and are thus a big help at any stage, from digital prototyping to production.

  • Art

VR and AR technologies add interactive experience to any artwork and expand the capabilities of any expo site. Moreover, the technology itself can be a handy tool for artists, architects and sculptors to implement their ideas.

  • Training

VR and AR technologies improve the efficiency of education and trainings via the visual presentation of training materials and creation of an interactive educational environment.


We welcome you to our office to see a demo of VR Hologram system and experience a new reality. Call us +971 4 4466043 or email to info@nntc.ae for details.

Professional drones

Whether you utilize a single drone or operate a fleet of drones, benefit from a complete platform to plan and fly professional missions.

NNTC supplies solutions applicable for land, agriculture or mining surveying and power-line or solar panel inspection, and supporting most popular UAV platforms. In addition to a fully functional multi-drone ground control software for professional UAV mission planning you have optional tools to empower your drones: photogrammetry tool, digital elevation model (DEM) and KML file import for map customization, ADS-B receiver support to ensure flight safety.

Drone swarm management

Enrich possibilities of outdoor drone shows by adding drone swarm equipped with LEDs, fireworks, smoke generators and other special effects choreographed to music. Unique solutions enable smooth drone swarm incorporation to outdoor shows, as addition to lasers, beams and other fixtures. Thus, you can synchronize and control dozens of drones as flying pixels, adding a taste of magic to your event.

Smart video analytics service enables real-time extraction of important business information from video stream and transfer it to other corporate systems and services. This service can analyze images from cameras, video files or Internet. The solution can detect and recognize separate objects (people, vehicles, zones, etc.) in video, monitor behavior, and make forecasts. The resulting information can be submitted to customer as various reports.

Chatbot is an AI-based computer program for human-like interaction. Virtual assistant communicates with users via instant text messages or voice. It can significantly speed up and optimize internal business processes like HR, IT helpdesk, or even communication with a customer in retail, banking, insurance, and many more.


  • 24/7 operation

  •  Flexibility, greater handling capacity

  • Better understanding of a customer

  • Using youth-friendly way of interaction


  • Increased consumer engagement

  • Improvement of the customer service

  • Costs reduction

  • Streamlined business processes

  • Time saving

Technological revolution and rapid business changes redesign all HR-related processes from recruitment and candidates' expectations to involvement and motivation. Supported by digital technologies and innovative approach, HR can become a new business development driver and improve personnel performance.

NNTC's HR tech solutions cover all latest HR trends such as chat-bots, SaaS, The Cloud, social, mobile, analytics, video and gamification. Our services include data driving HR solutions, interactive dashboards, digital recruitment services, onboarding solutions and cloud-based employee engagement platforms.


  • Changing working experience

  • Highly-effective performance management

  • Customized

  • Innovative

  • Cost effective

24/7 operation Building information modeling deals with the creation and management of the construction project throughout the entire building lifecycle. The technology is used to better design, construct, and maintain buildings and their infrastructure.


  • Selection of optimal tools for building design, construction, and management

  • Real-time monitoring of construction processes and machinery used

  • Quick recalculation of all indicators in case of changes

  • Up-to-date analytical information for strategical monitoring and planning

  • Unified document management


  • Cost reduction at all stages of construction by 20-50%

  • Speeding up the communication among specialists and analytical data preparation by 90%

  • Decrease in the review time up to 70%

  • Reduction in the number of collisions up to 30%

  • Overall project’s quality improvement up to 50%

Achieving companies' strategic goals requires a unique learning ecosystem. The key solution is a Learning Management System (LMS).

LMS is a digital workplace for students, lecturers and management helping them to learn, communicate and co-work in an interactive and engaging way.


  • Access from any device

  • Mobile application

  • Recommendations on how to improve your learning progress

  • Data analytics and automated reports for managers

  • Virtual classroom

  • Smart evaluation and testing system

  • Individual learning path

  • Easy integration with your IT systems

Internet of Things based solutions provide vast opportunities for doing business more effectively, developing innovative services, and managing sophisticated hardware and software infrastructure.

NNTC offers smart solutions to store and process large amounts of information coming from IoT devices. IoT can employ high-speed cloud storage, special-purpose unstructured data processing systems, and other solutions designed to optimize storage costs.

Besides providing IOT solutions in overall NNTC also developed two solutions for safety and wayfinding.

Wayfinding and Indoor navigation solution made for public access locations, such as shopping malls or office buildings, and gives its visitors an ability to locate themselves using the mobile app (both iOS and Android are supported), to find a shortest way to any venue in the area, or even to track back to the place where they left their car. It utilizes the ability to track smartphones and mobile devices by their Bluetooth transmitter using backbone network of a Bluetooth beacon, deployed in the area, backed by an RTLS (Real Time Location Services) software.

Personnel safety for industrial facilities is a key concern in many areas, such is construction, heavy machinery, oil refinery and many others. The wearable devices capable of tracking both the location  of the personnel and their vital signs (i.e. the heart rate) makes it possible both to lower the risk of the incidents with the personnel (for example, by setting the "safe work area" geo-fence and notify personnel and its supervisor when one leaves it) and to reduce the time required to respond to the incidents when they happened (by setting the alarm thresholds for the trackable parameters - position, speed, acceleration, pulse, blood pressure etc.)

Selected customers

Dubai Police
Government of Sharjah
Society of Engineers - UAE
The Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department
Saudi Telecom




Educate your developers in building secure banking applications, effectively discover ATM vulnerabilities, and respond to cyber threats.


NNTC developed a comprehensive program featuring a set of hands-on tools helping to understand and build your own digital transformation strategy.


Learn about available technologies on the market or become a developed of your own VR/AR apps.


The course is a quick summary of the existing IT market landscape and technology roadmap, complemented with business focus and expertise gained in real-life projects.