The adoption of digital technology in day-to-day activities and ability to quickly adapt to changes and optimize operations on-the-fly are becoming key success factors in all industries from finance and telecom to public administration and manufacturing. The era of new technologies and business digitalization requires companies to rethink their business strategies, product and service lines, customer relations, and approaches to operation and innovation management. Based on key business transformation areas, such as strategic view, organizational view, innovation view, and product view, NNTC developed a comprehensive program featuring a set of hands-on tools helping to understand and build your own digital transformation strategy.


Duration: 1 - 3 days


  • Understand key digital transformation drivers in your industry
  • Understand what to do in terms of organizational structure transformation, from the team's point of view, to launch digital transformation
  • Study technology and consumption trends and generate business insights and new products based on these trends
  • Develop an individual digital transformation plan, which includes company strategic development, organizational structure, product and service approach, and innovation management

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